'A Smell For Everyone'

Day Lilies and Bearded Iris

The day lilies and bearded iris at Murgon Garden Centre are going great guns this season.  Lots of new varieties are available and are just storming along and are set for a great flowering season ahead.
Day lilies are gorgeous, fragrant, clumping plants that provide wonderful colour. The individual flowers on Day lilies, as the name suggests only last for a day, but each flower spike can frequently have over 15 flowers. These are a heat and cold loving plant, being drought and frost tolerant. This makes them an excellent plant for our gardens. They come in a variety in colours and sizes with flowers from just 5cm in diameter and up to and over 20cm in diameter, they can be double, single, spider etc., fragrant or non-fragrant. The range of colours is astounding, pinks, yellows and reds are quite common, however there are so many colour combinations including purples, whites, ivories, pinks, oranges, yellows etc. Our range includes up to 95 varieties at any one time. With flowering starting from late October through to as late as April in our area, depending on the variety.

Day Lily Varieties - 
Jungle Mask
Pilot Grove
Pimiento Pepper
Becky Lynn
High & mighty
Bahama Butterscotch Mini
Coming up Roses
Sir Wilford
Polynesian Love Song
Bittersweet Holiday
Child of Fortune
Seeing Red
Brookwood Lees Son
Obsession in Red
Witches Thimble Mini
Babes in Toyland
Something Wonderful
Maleny Eye Catcher
Maleny Jewel
Maleny Bonanza
Wisest of wizards
Free Style
Faces of A Clown
Idle Chatter
Tiny Pumpkin
Hot Cakes
Shaka Zulu
Empire Strikes Back
Honky Tonk Dream
Ever So Ruffled
Intimate Secrets
Harvard Yard
Regal Centre
Enchanter's Spell
Enchanted Rainbow
Frank Gladney
Cosmopolitan Mini
Little Pleasure
Little Romance
Jedi Sue McCord
Glazed Heather Plum
Happy Hooligan
Driving Me Wild
Hearts & Flowers
Dragon's Orb
Angel's Image
Bird's Eye
Bubbling Edge
Dark Persuasion
Jason Salter
Radiant Ruffles
Two to Tango
Angelique in Satin
Banned in Boston
Black Knight
Crayola Violet
Full of Zest
Gold and Black
Heart's Glee
Karla Rose
King Kahuna
Moonlight Orchid
Monica Mead
Noble Warrior
Pat Neumann
Plucky Pixie
Solomon's Robes
Sweet As Honey
Louisiana Belle
Before the Mask
Bela Lugosi
Broadway Attraction
Brookwood Lee Causey
Burning Inheritance
Cajun Christmas
Christina Cooke
Create Your Dream
Edge of Paradise
Forty Second Street
Glowing Review
High Impact
Hoochie Coochie Man
Jamaican Me Happy
Kansas Kitten
Kimberly Sue
Kolan Dee Jay
Maleny Think Big
Mary Ethel Anderson
Caribbean Perfection Plus
Moonlit Masquerade
Miles Davis
Oh Danny Boy
Renegade Rover
Romanian Rendezvous
These Eyes
Tapestry of Dreams
Violet Vision
Waxen Splendour
Wish Fulfilment
Mango Mango
Torrid Tango
Small Tempest
Singapore Orchid
Royal Eventide

Available in 140mm pots. Quantity is Limited for some varieties.

Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris are a fantastic addition to gardens. They grow well in our area due to our warm summer temperatures and cold winters.  A clumping plant that has low water requirements is a great addition to South Burnett gardens. Bearded Iris clump from their Rhizomes which should be located just under the top of the soil.  We stock tall varieties of Bearded iris. We recommend having them in a situation where they will get frosts and cold temperatures during winter and semi shade (provided they get minimum of 6 hours full sun) in the heat of summer even though they are a full sun plant. We stock up 50 varieties of Bearded Iris at any one time, depending on the season and demand.
Bearded Iris -
Strawberry Swirl
High Master
Azure Angel
Dream of You
Touch of Mahogany

Smoke Rings
Alpine Journey
Ride the Wind
Chief Hematite
Susan Gail
Street Walker
Pacific Peach
Golden Garnet
Coffee Capri
Glistening Icicles
Burgundy Brown
Carnival In Rio
Sneak Preview
French Gown
Serene Sea
Amber Snow
Lady Vera
Gypsy Belle
Flaming Banner
Bliss Bomb
Burnt Toffee
Camelot Rose
Crystal Dawn
Falcon Pride
Fancy Dress
Fashionably Late
Golden Panther
Loyal Devotion
Magenta Glow
Mango Entree
Noon Siesta
Pebble Fresh
Town Clown

Available in 180mm pots, numbers are limited in some varieties.