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Gardening Products

Here at Murgon Garden Centre we supply mulches, fertilizers, potting mixes, Seasol and other gardening products. We use what we sell so we can stand behind our products. Everyone has preferences when it comes to the types of mulch they use or the kind of fertilizer they use. Our range is ever increasing and as we expand, we will stock more products.

Potting Mix, Mulch and Fertilizer


We stock Katek Superior Potting Mix and a range of their fertilizers including Super Growth, Super Booster, Super Grass, Liquid Super Cal Claybreaker, Liquid Super Feed, Blood and Bone Plus and so much more.


Rocky Point

We stock a range of Rocky Point products including Jumbo Sugar Cane Mulch, Lucerne Mulch, Pea Straw Mulch and a range of their Greenworld products including Mushroom Compost, Compost, Cow Manure, Chicken Manure etc.



We stock a range Neutrog products including WhoFlungDung, Sudden Impact for Roses, Gyganic, Bush Tucker, Kahoona, Bounce Back, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Upsurge and Seamungus. 

Our Roses

We are often asked what we fertilize our roses with, short answer is Neutrog's Sudden Impact for Roses. We use SIFR throughout the growing season, combined with regular use of Seasol products, slow release fertilizers and Seamungus at different times.


When planting your roses, we recommend pelletised seamungus at time of planting, Seasol fortnightly while establishing, SIFR once roses are established followed by WhoFlungDung mulch. A little love goes a long way.

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