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Gardening Products

Here at Murgon Garden Centre we supply mulches, fertilizers, potting mixes, Seasol and other gardening products.  We use what we sell so we can stand behind our products. Everyone has preferences when it comes to the types of mulch they use or the kind of fertilizer they use. Our range is ever increasing and as we expand, we will stock more products.

Katek Products

We currently stock most of Katek's products, including different sized bags of Potting Mix, Organic Supergrowth, Organic Fertilizer and Super Grass. As we use these products on our plants, we know how good they are! So many people who come through the nursery, ask us how we get our roses (and other plants) to look so good? Simple answer, Katek. We pot our roses into Katek Potting Mix and fertilize them regularly (every 6 weeks) with Organic Supergrowth. These products have lots of great trace elements in them that really get the plants growing. Our prices are very reasonable on these products, and we can deliver these to your door (depending on where you live).

Potting Mix 35L bag

Potting Mix 55L bag

Organic Supergrowth 15kg bag

Organic Supergrowth 25kg bag

Organic Fertilizer (pellets) 15kg bag

Organic Fertilizer (granules) 22.5kg bag

Organic Fertilizer (pellets) 25kg bag

Super Grass 20kg bag

Super Grass 35kg bag

Some of these products are available in Bulk Bags also, please contact us for pricing.


Everyone has a different opinion on which mulch is the best, and of course it depends on the use. There are so many types on the market these days and some do last longer and look better than others. Sugar cane mulch, straw, lucerne and wood chip are amongst the most popular. We stock sugar cane mulch in bags, lucerne mulch in round bales and wood chip in bags. These are all organic mulches which are great for gardens as, while they break down they add extra organic matter to the soil, which is a bonus when mulching. 

Sugar Cane Mulch

Wood Chip

Lucerne Mulch round bales (available in squares at times)

Straw square bales (price and availability on request)


Who doesn't understand the benefit of using Seasol or a similar liquid seaweed solution? It is a fantastic fertilizer and root growth promoter. Healthy roots, generally mean, healthy plants. Using a liquid seaweed solution regularly on your plants and gardens can do wonders. Follow the instructions on the bottle and watch your garden grow. We use it in our nursery, as do so many production nurseries. A proven garden performer. 

We currently stock Seasol and Seasol Powerfeed.

Eco Rose
Eco Rose is a great product that is used for control of black spot, powdery mildew and rust on several varieties of plants including roses, grapevines, daylilies and bearded iris. We use it as per directions on the container and recommend it to our customers looking for a solution to some of their plant fungal problems. We stock Eco Rose.