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Murgon Garden Centre stocks a large range of native plants. Australia has an abundance of native plants and many of these have been hybridized and are sold in nurseries. We have a wide range of natives in stock, including bottlebrushes, grevilleas, melaleuca, leptospermums, baeckia, banksia and many more. We stock natives in several different sizes, from tubestocks up to and sometimes over, 200mm pots. As with all our plants, if there is a variety that you are chasing and we haven't got it in stock, we will do what we can to find it for you.

Stock numbers change regularly, so we have put up a list of the natives that we generally have in stock. Contact us for definite availability of these lines.

Callistemon - Spotfire, Firebrand, Kings Park Special, Taree Pink, Purple Splendour, Pink Champagne, Mauve Mist, White Anzac, Wilderness White, Salignus, Viminalis, Viminalis dwarf, Dawson river weeper, Wildfire, Endeavour, Hinchinbrook, Little John, Ewan Road, Eureka, Cameo Pink, Firebrand, Tangerine Dream, Mr Foster, Candy Pink, Pink Alma, Pink Neon, Bronwyn, Candle Glow, Captain Cook, Ebor, Rose Opal


Grevillea - Honey Gem, Majestic, Coconut Ice, Poorinda Anticipaction, Poorinda Blondie, Poorinda Peter, Poorinda Constance, Golden Lyre, Canberra Gem, Silky Oak, Orange Marmalade, Venusta, Pink Surprise, Splendour, Flamingo, Liliane, Forest Rambler, Bronze Rambler, Superb, Bush Lemons, Cooroora Cascade, Curviloba, Gaudi Chaudi, Fanfare, Gin Gin Gem, Elegance, Firesprite, Jester, John Evans, Lavandulacea, Lollipops, Fairy Floss, Molongolo, Moonlight, Mt Tamboritha, Ned Kelly, Robyn Gordon, Sandra Gordon, Scarlet Sprite, Winpara Gem, Winpara Gold, Kay Williams, Sunrise, Amy Lou, Bon Accord, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Apricot Glow, Coastal Glow, Anticipation, Baileyana, Loopy Lou, Soopa Doopa, Strawberry Sundae, Baueri Dwarf, Strawberry Blonde, Royal Mantle, Pinaster, Just Peachy, Caloundra Gem, Amber Blaze, Autumn Waterfall, Fanfare, Fireworks, Ivory Whip, Billy Bonkers, Lemon Baby, Peaches and Cream, Raspberry Ripple, Winter Delight


Eremophila - Dusky, Fairy Floss, Kalbarri Carpet, Pink Passion, Red Desert, Silver Ball, Wendy, Xpolycada


Hakea - Pink Lace


Scaevola - Mauve Clusters, Aussie Salute, White Form, Sitting Pretty


Waratah - Alloxylon Tree Waratah, Telopea Essie's Gift


Baeckea - Mt Tozer, Minima, La Petite, Virgata Compacta

Acmena, Syzygium, Waterhousia - Australe Hunchy, Aussie Compact, Resilience, Big Red, Baby Boomer,  Allyn Magic, Forest Flame, Minnie Magic, Cascade, Weeping Lilly Pilly


Westringia - Sea Mist, Smokey, Funky Chunky, Smokescreen


Leptospermum - Pacific Beauty, Cardwell, Pink Cascade, Ballerina, Burgundy Queen, Mozzie Blocker,  

Petersonii, Lemon Hedge, Crimson Cascade, White Wave


Pandorea - Deep Pink Form, Lady Di, White Form, Purple Form, Ruby Belles


Laurentia - Pop N Fizz


Hardenbergia - Mini Ha Ha, Sea of Purple


Backhousia - Lemon Myrtle


Cerapetulam - Albery's Red


Banksia - Ericifolia, Aemula, Oblongifolia, Robur, Rollercoaster


Ptilotus - Mulla Mulla


Cupaniopsis - Tuckeroo


Flindersia - Crow's Ash


Melaleuca - Revolution green, Snow Storm, Armillaris Pink, Pink Lace, Broad leaf paperbark, Claret tops,  

Fine leaf Paperbark, Thymifolia, White Lace


Melastoma - Blue Tongue


Xanthostemon - Golden Penda, Little Penda


Brachyscome - Pink, Pacific Reef


Viola - Native Violet


Buckinghamia - Ivory Curl Tree


Randia - Native Gardenia


Euodia - Elleryana


Pittosporum - Miss Muffet, Golf Ball, Gumbi Gumbi, Tasman Ruffles


Myoporum - Pink, White


Austromyrtus - Dulcis


Swainsona - Sturt Desert Pea


Acacia - Fimbriata/Fringed Wattle, Baileyana/prostrate, Macradena/zigzag wattle, Pod. Mt Morgan Wattle


Thryptomene - F.C. Payne


Tristaniopsis - Luscious


Xanthorrhoea - Johnsonii Grass trees/Black Boys

This list is not comprehensive, we may have other varieties in stock that are not included here. Should you be looking for a particular variety, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we will do what we can to find it for you.

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